Donations Only Restaurant

In a small town in Alabama there is restaurant named Drexell and Honeybee’s run by husband and wife Freddie and Lisa along with some volunteers. There are no menu’s no prices on the food and you won’t get a bill to pay when you are done eating. Its strictly donations only.


They have a donation box set up and sometimes there is a quarter in there and sometimes $100 and other times  a thank you note saying if it wasn’t for you I would not have eaten today. Oh my gosh what a beautiful place what beautiful people with beautiful souls who have dedicated their lives to those in need.


It’s so easy to get cynical with all the negative we are surrounded with, and yes there is plenty of awful negative things happening in the world but you can’t have one without the other its just how life works so there is also just as much good happening, everyday people who aren’t going to make the news who aren’t looking to make the news doing ridiculously amazing things on the daily to help this world be a better place that we will never hear about. I for one am glad when those stories can be found like this one!!

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