Destroy Your Comfort Zone

YASSSSSSSSS!! HOLY SHIT this was SOOOOOOOOO me! Boy did I get too comfortable. There is one thing when you love yourself exactly where you are and it’s another allowing yourself to become something you NEVER would have allowed.


I got so stuck on loving yourself no matter your size, which you should do, our SIZE DOES NOT determine how worthy or unworthy we are. I still believe that. HOWEVER when it gets to the point where you allow yourself to get so unhealthy physically…thats NO GOOD. NO GOOD.


Destroying the Comfort Zone is where I used to live on a daily basis and I would have NEVER allowed myself to get so unhealthy had I stayed in the destroy the comfort zone mentality.


Mental health and how we see ourselves and our value regardless of our size is extremely important. Equally important is physical health. I had forgotten that. Don’t you forget it! Work on both, be uncomfortable and don’t allow yourself to become something you never would have!


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