Brene Brown!

Life is one hell of a ride. It can be utterly fantastic and terribly hard. Learning how to navigate life is the goal. The goal isn’t trying to make life perfect there is no such thing. The goal isn’t trying to avoid sorrow, thats impossible. The goal isn’t about starting to live life once everything is in its place…you will be waiting forever for that. The goal is learning, growing, being. The goal is to become great at riding the ride we call life. Learning and growing from the challenges while not allowing them to completely crush you. Embracing the joy and calm. And truly the goal is to learn to be content regardless of your situation.


I have learned that life doesn’t stop being an asshole, we just get better at navigating life. It only seems easier because we get better at dealing with it. The best thing you can do is let it sink in that life is a Jerk and thats not going to change. What will change is your ability to master life, to enjoy life to live life regardless of life being a pain in the ass lol!!!!

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