2% is Not 0%

Oh my lord talk about all the feels and tears!! This past week on America’s Got Talent, this beautiful young girl who is fighting cancer was a singing contestant on the show…okay first off her voice is absolutely breathtaking and her song that she wrote will give you the chills, fantastic song writer singer and human!


She has been given a 2% chance to survive her cancer and you know what she says to that?? She says 2% isn’t 0%! Wow I mean just Wow. What an amazing soul. I mean really what excuse do we all have? Zero thats what. She has 2 percent chance to live and she is determined to keep living while she is alive instead of giving up and waiting to die.


We should all approach each day this way, take the day by the balls and live it fully. Be in each moment enjoy the little things, laugh, smile, cry…just be. Live.


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