Dawn’s “Go Girls!” Page Intro

Hey girls, welcome the Go Girls page! I’ve done this show for a zillion years and I have always been the only girl that was totally apart of the show..boooo. I always wanted there to be another girl on the show with me, I’m a girls girl so being surrounded by testosterone on the show can be a bit much! Don’t get me wrong I love Rob and Brandon!

Oh my gosh, us women have SO many similarities while also being pretty different from each other. And we accept each other’s differences while supporting each other. I never have been one of those girls that likes to tear my fellow women apart. Even though all of us women don’t have the same beliefs or lifestyles we can still be positive and encouraging to each other. The world needs a bit more love don’t you think!!

It’s about women supporting women helping each other be strong while also not feeling alone and realizing you are not the only broad who is bat shit crazy!!! Lol!!

I wish each of you peace and joy with your individual journeys…

Xoxo Dawn




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