Yummy Shelter In Place Chicken!!

I don’t know about y’all but with all this staying at home we have more junk food in the house than we’ve ever had. I am steering clear of it because well I can’t afford to gain any more weight than I already have!! However my hubby and niece are all about Oreo cookies, potato chips, nachos, pizza rolls, hot pockets, fast food, candy, candy bars etc… lol!!


Well part of my job in our household is to prepare breakfasts and dinners for all of us. We all like different things for lunch and snacks so I just make sure I have the pantry and fridge stocked with those things and we can individually take care of preparing our own lunches and snacks. My hubby Gary has been working from home for about 3 weeks now so he has wanted to get out of the house to do the grocery shopping, and thats how we’ve ended up with so much junk food in the house lol!!!


Soooo that left me thinking okay if all their snacking and lunches are gonna be junk filled during this shelter in place time than that means at least with our dinners I can make sure they are yummy and have some kind of nutritional value!!!!


Chicken breast are a good place to start when coming up with dinner ideas, a healthy meat choice thats also good! Okay so my go to for Chicken breast is this amazing recipe I found on holy crap hands down the best baked chicken ever!!! And one of the BEST parts is you can make all your chicken breasts this way and then use the chicken for different recipes, I have found that the spices in that I use for this baked chicken go well with Mexican, Italian, American dishes etc…


This chicken is moist, juicy and has that kinda seared thing going on! Delish!! The key is to do exactly as the recipe says when it comes to oven temp 450 degrees and bake it uncovered. And then when the recipe says to take it out of the oven after the 25-35 min and then cover it with a lid for 10 min, for sure do this!! I think it also helps to block in the moisture, not sure if thats true but I think it does!!


I like to put all over the chicken breasts olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and for sure Smoked Paprika! Here you can see I used 2 chicken breasts but I have used as many as 5-6 before still comes out as great!!
How good does that look and it was so freaking easy!!!


Now you have your chicken breasts cooked and you can use them with different recipes or you can even freeze them and use later!


With the Chicken already cooked and in your fridge now all you have to prepare each night is what you will be eating with the Chicken!! And like I said the seasoning on this chicken seems to go with a lot of chicken dishes!! Here are some meal ideas where I have used this Chicken……


Chicken Tacos

Chicken Enchilada casserole

Chicken and Rice

Chicken Chili

Chicken with Pasta and Veggies

Cobb Salad

Chicken Parmesan with zucchini noodles


I feel like once I have the meat part cooked..I can then google different chicken recipes or just heat up or make easy sides whether its salad, veggies, coleslaw or a casserole..You can get as creative as you want when making your dinners, we do have lots more time these days!! Or keep it simple…either way you wont have to think about cooking the meat cause its already done!!

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