Gluten Free Goodies!

There are a lot of brands out there for gluten free cupcakes and brownies and its hard to know which ones are not just good but yummo!! Pamela’s cake/cupcake mix and Betty Crockers brownie mix are solid choices, they are my go to when I don’t want to make a gluten free treat from scratch.
Just make according to package directions and they end up looking pretty darn good and tasting super good! Perfect to make with your kiddos as you shelter in place or for yourself!! Especially if its PMS time, kick those chocolate cravings in the butt!!
I love the combo of chocolate and peanut butter helloooo who doesn’t!! This is a super good peanut butter frosting/glaze you can put on the cupcakes and the brownies..only takes 3 ingredients… peanut butter chips, butter and sweetened condensed not time consuming at all!!
I double the batch so I can pour it on the brownies and the cupcakes, Enjoy!!!
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