Producer Brandon

Episode 165 – RAD Prodcast – Rogers Fitness Academy

July 21, 2021

Interview with Eric Rogers – Owner/Operator/CEO Of Rogers Fitness Academy.  After being laid off due to the pandemic, Eric took […]

Episode 164 – RAD Prodcast – Have You Checked Your B*** Hole

July 14, 2021

Have You Checked Your B*** Hole… A Summer vacation recap! In the first episode in almost a month, starting with […]

Episode 163 – RAD Prodcast – Sexology with Lindsey from Sac In The Sheets

June 17, 2021

Brando interviews a sex blogger and aspiring Sexologist, Lindsey, and they discuss subjects ranging from the taboo, the disgusting, the […]

Episode 162 – RAD Prodcast – Melissa & Brent from SPIRIT – The Positive Side of Doom & Gloom

June 9, 2021

Paranormal Investigators, and dear friends of the RAD Family, Melissa & Brent (aka Scooby & Shaggy) from SPIRIT join Brando […]

RAD Prodcast – Episode 161 – Tattoo Cover Ups – The Good, The Bad, The Tragic – with Jammi from InkOffMe

June 3, 2021

Brandon and Jammi discuss tattoo cover ups, the emotional stories behind them (some ridiculous and others tragically sad), and Jammi also […]

Episode 160 – RAD Prodcast – UFOs & Colonel Philip J. Corso – with Brent from SPIRIT

May 26, 2021

Brent (aka Shaggy from SPIRIT joins Brando in an in-depth discussion about UFOs, from the recent press coverage (most […]