Episode 172 – RAD Prodcast – Interview With A Sexologist

September 23, 2021

An interview with Lindsey, a sexologist in training, aspiring sex educator and frequent contributor to the blog sacinthesheets.com A wide […]

Episode 170 – RAD Prodcast – In The Face Of Fear & Adversity with Eric Rogers

September 9, 2021

“In The Face Of Fear And Adversity” – An Instagram Live interview with Eric Rogers from Rogers Fitness Academy, including […]

Episode 14 – RAD pROBcast – The Enlightened Brando

August 20, 2021

Producer Brandon and I pick up where we left off on his most recent Prodcast and tease Brineapalooza 2021 from […]

Episode 13 – RAD pROBcast – Money Buys Happierness Part 2

August 13, 2021

It’s the second in our series “Money Buys Happierness,” and by popular demand we begin with the long form answer […]

Episode 167 – RAD Prodcast- Love Fest with The RAD Kids

August 11, 2021

The RAD Kids (Queenie, Kyle & Brandon) are back at it again with advice on how to get out of […]

Episode 12 – RAD pROBcast – Interview with Christina & Danielle

August 6, 2021

My wife Christina and our friend Danielle (a maggot and former cardboard cutout) discuss the etiquette of sending unsolicited naked […]