August 5th Save The Date

Save The Date – August 5th – IT Chapter 2 Private Screening, Cash Pressure Cooker & Maggot Mall Announcement

Listen up, Maggots.  Mark your calendar for Monday, August 5th when RAD Radio will explode not 1, not 2, but 3 giant nuts right in your face.

NUT ONE:  We’ve got your IT Chapter 2 premiere screening with RAD set and ready to go for Thursday night, September 5th.  Fifty lucky maggots, including their guests, will join the RAD Crew for a private screening including food, drink, and your chance to see Dawn lose her s***!

NUT TWO: The return of the Cash Pressure Cooker… If you can conquer the “Do It For Dale” questions, you win $1000!  It’s that simple.  Every day we’ll play the Cash Pressure Cooker once for your chance at answering 5 trivia questions correctly in 30 seconds for $1000 CASH.  They won’t be easy questions, so bring your A game.

NUT THREE:  We’ve got TWO major Maggot Mall announcements including the introduction of a long awaited and much requsted new apparel line and a new Limited Edition item that allows you to truly show whether or not you are actually a maggot.  Are you?  Are you really a maggot?  We’ll find out…

It all happens and begins on Monday, August 5th… It Chapter 2 private screening premiere tickets with us… the return of the Cash Pressure Cooker and your chance at $1000… and two major, new announcements from the Maggot Mall… three nuts right in your face Monday Morning August 5th… all on

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