Bad Boys For Life Private Screening

Bad Boys For Life – Private Screening With RAD

It’s time for another RAD Radio private movie screening… this time for the third Bad Boys movie and the first one in 17 years!

Bad Boys For Life starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence hits theaters nationwide on January 17th, that’s Dawn’s 50th birthday!  On the night before, Thursday, January 16th, we’ve got your premiere screening with the RAD Radio crew set and ready to go!  Up to 100 lucky maggots, including their guests, will join the RAD crew for a private screening including a commemorative T-shirt from our buddies at Black Dog Graphix, your chance to hang with us and get selfies, and more.

Beginning Monday morning, January 6th, at 6:30, listen every day at the bottom of each hour of the live show, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30am for your chance to be caller 18 and name the “Bad Boy” to win!

We’ll give you clues and an audio clip of a well-known Bad Boy… it could be anyone from O.J. Simpson to Jeffrey Epstein, to Tiger Woods, or even Jeffrey Dahmer.  Your job will be to identify the Bad Boy… if you do, you win… if you don’t, you get nothing and like it.

We’ll play every morning, every bottom of every hour of every live show beginning Monday, January 6th until the end of the show Thursday, January 16th… which is the night of the big premiere screening!

It all starts Monday morning, January 6th at 6:30 on RAD Radio!

Official Contest Rules for “Name That Bad Boy”

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