Entertainment Review

Maniac – A Netflix Limited Series

September 26, 2018

Review by Brandon: Before I get to the review, I admit that I was distracted a lot by one specific […]

Ozark: Season 2 – A Netflix Original Series

September 24, 2018

Review by Dawn: Ugh only 10 episodes for Season 2 just like Season 1 grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it this freaking show […]

Norm MacDonald Has A Show

September 17, 2018

Review by Rob: I went into Netflix’s new series, “Norm Macdonald has a show,” expecting disaster based on everything I […]

Mayans MC

September 17, 2018

Review by Dawn: Since December 9th, 2014 Sons Of Anarchy fans have been wanting a prequel a spin off something […]

Paradise P.D. – A Netflix Animated Series

September 12, 2018

Review by Brandon: As a fan of adult animation like Rick and Morty, Archer and of course Family Guy, I […]

The Meg

The Meg

August 15, 2018

Review by Brandon: The hype for The Meg definitely got the best of me.  A giant shark wreaking havoc, eating […]