Dawn’s “It’s A Wonderful Life”

American Soldiers Tribute

May 14, 2018

As National Military Appreciate Month continues here is an emotional tribute video for you. NEVER forget the sacrifices our Men […]

National Military Appreciation Month

May 7, 2018

Of course I feel we should appreciate the men and women in our Military everyday, but there are some asshole […]

Lost Voice Guy

April 30, 2018

Holy shit this guy is so funny!! So you know how we have America’s Got Talent well that came from […]

Inspiring Short Stories

April 23, 2018

Live Life Happy website had these short stories that are real easy to read and real easy to understand but […]

Success Quotes

April 16, 2018

Many moons ago Rob wrote a Soapbox on success and I agree with Rob, success can mean different things to […]

Best Defense Of Our 2nd Amendment EVER!!!!

April 9, 2018

Rob emailed me this video, asked if I had seen it yet because of course the media hasn’t shown it […]