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Halloween (2018) Movie Review

October 21, 2018

What a hunk of garbage. Who are these people saying this is a good movie? My God, it’s so bad […]

Climate Change That Cried Wolf

October 21, 2018

Do we still teach the story of the little boy who cried wolf? If so, it doesn’t seem to be […]

Journey To Health – @lighterlisa

October 19, 2018

Video: Jokes From The Maggots With Dawn Like Reactions

October 18, 2018

Checking In On Williams Manor

October 17, 2018

Episode 48 – RAD Prodcast – Ask Me Anything – Facebook Live

October 16, 2018

Brandon takes to the RAD Prodcast Group on Facebook and does an “Ask Me Anything” session via Facebook Live. Hear […]